Like most photo enthusiasts I’ve been a photography magazine enthusiast all my life so I’ve been watching with dismay and interest the last 5 or 10 years as print media has been radically changing starting to disappear.

I’ve been tracking online publication and subscribe to many online publications. I have to say that I’m just not that thrilled with the iPad only versions of most magazines. I purchase many issues of Scott Kelby’s Lightit App for the iPad and other similar magazine apps. While I like the content I have a big issue with only being able to read it only on an iPad. Frankly I spend more time in fron of my 27″ monitor and on my 15″ laptop than I do my iPad. So when David duChemin released the first issue of Photograph (a PDF magazine) last month I was anxious to look through it.

I was stunned by how great this PDF magazine looks on a 27″ screen and after thinking about the layout, I realized that this magazine looks good on any tablet, on any laptop and it looks stunning on 27″ monitor! In fact, to me, looking at great photographs on a quality 27″ monitor takes the concept of photography magazines to a whole new level. This is how I want to look at photographs, not on paper! I’ve been publishing ebooks in PDF form for over 6 years but some how I was still stunned by the quality and impact of the photos in this magazine. This is a fantastic way to publish magazines.

The question that comes to mind is why haven’t more publishers been doing this? Why isn’t every magazine being published this way. The reason is when you publish media this way is you have to trust people because there’s no practical way to copy protect a PDF. This is why PDFs are not widely used in electronic publishing. Instead the big publishers (Amazon and Apple) are over focused on copy protection.

Congratulations David! Great publication! I think this publication has a great future!